Stilleto: 29-inch Brushless Bind-N-Drive Tunnel Hull

Stiletto 29 Brushless Tunnel BND



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Required to Complete

Two 7.2V sub-C batteries or Two 7.4V 25C Li-Po batteries 
Spektrum DSM2 Marine compatible transmitter

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Parts Listing

A3630-1800Kv, 6-pole, Water Cooled, Marine Motor

Hull Only: STLO

Cowl: STLO

Boat Stand: STLO

Drain Plug (1): STLO

Cowl Screw: STLO

Outboard Mounting Screw (4): STLO

Steering Set: STLO

Silicone Tubing: STLO

Radio Box Cover: STLO

Battery Cover: STLO

Switch Mount: STLO

Antenna Tube: STLO

Servo Wheel: STLO

Bellows (5): STLO

Hood: Outboard

60-amp Brushless ESC: STLO

1.6" x 2.5" Stainless Steel Propeller

BL Outboard w/o Motor

Note: For outboard replacement parts, see PRB4020 parts listing

Steering Mount: Outboard

Pivot Mount: Outboard

Control Horn: Outboard

Outboard Case: Outboard

Motor Mount: Outboard

Brass Ferrule: Outboard

Stub Shaft: Outboard

Drive Dog: Outboard

Motor Coupler: Outboard

Water Pickup: Outboard

Pivot Shaft: Outboard

Flexshaft: Outboard

Nylon Bushing: Outboard

Screw Set: Outboard

Flexshaft Liner: Outboard

Shear Pin: Outboard

Decal: STLO