Miss Geico 29 BL Catamaran 2.4 RTR



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Required to Complete

Two 7.2V sub-C batteries or Two 7.4V 20C+ Li-Po batteries
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Parts Listing

Marine Grease 5 oz

Pro Boat Clear Flexible Tape

Propeller, Comp, 1.6x1.6x3/16 shaft

Water Outlet & Nut: SW36, TC31

This water outlet & nut are used in the ShockWave 26, 36, 55, the Blackjack 26SS, 26BL, 55, the Thundercat 31, Apache, Miss Elam, Formula FASTech, and the WindowMaker.

Rubber Boot (2): SW36, TC31, BJ26

Pushrod Connector

Silicone Tubing: 1/12 hydro BJ26

Drain Plug

Motor Mount: BJ26BL

Motor Coupler, 5mm(Motor)/4mm (Flexshaft)

45-Amp Brushless ESC

A3630-1500 Brushless Motor

Tamiya / Deans Charge Adapter

Antenna Mount: PRB

Antenna Tube: STLO

Hull and Canopy: MG29

Canopy: MG29

Canopy Seal: MG29

Boat Stand: MG29

Prop Strut with Mounting Bracket: MG29

Rudder: MG29

Flexshaft: MG29

Drive Dog: MG29

Prop Nut: MG29

Stuffing Box: MG29

Rudder Pushrod Set: MG29

Decal: MG29

Flexshaft Liner: MG29

Nylon Prop Washers (3): MG29