Impulse 31 Deep-V BL RTR



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Required to Complete

(4) AA Batteries (Transmitter)

2-7.4V 20C+ Li-Po batteries or 2-7.2V sub-C batteries w/Deans connectors (Ni-MH requires PRB3311 - BL ESC Programming Module) - Model comes pre-programmed Li-Po ready

Charger for Batteries


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Parts Listing

A3630-1500Kv, 6-pole, Water Cooled, Marine Motor

1.6" x 2.5" Stainless Steel Propeller

Canopy: IM31

Rudder Pivot Plate: IM31

Rudder Control Arm: IM31

Propeller Strut Mount: IM31

Rudder Screws: IM31

Flexshaft: IM31

Motor Coupler, 5mm(Motor)/4mm(Flexshaft)

Motor Mount: IM31

Drain Plug: IM31, IM26

Canopy Seal: IM31

Rudder Strut: IM31

Rudder: IM31

Rudder Pushrod: IM31

Propeller Strut: IM31

Flexshaft Liner: IM31

Battery Cover: IM31

Rudder Pivot Shaft: IM31

MR200 Marine 2.4GHz 2-Ch Sport Receiver

2-channel sport version of the popular MR3000 marine receiver