1969 Camaro SS Brushless V100-S 1/10 4wd RTR



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Everything You Need In One Box:
• Spektrum™ DX2E 2.4GHz Transmitter with Batteries
• Dynamite® 3000mAh 2S Li-Po and Charger

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Parts Listing

10W LiPo AC Balance Charger

2.4 Amp LiPo AC Balance Charger

Tazer 45A Sensorless Brushless ESC Waterproof

Note: This replacement ESC includes the cooling fan.

1/10 Tazer 4-Pole Brushless Motor: 3300Kv SCT

Reaction 7.4V 4000mAh 2S 20C LiPo Hard Case: EC3

Dynamite Battery 1-Year Limited Warranty – ALL of our Dynamite Nickel and Lithium-chemistry rechargeable batteries are covered. See terms and conditions. (US and Canada Only)

DX2E V3 Channel DSMR Surface Radio System

SR200WP 2-Ch DSM Sport Receiver Waterproof

S6170 Standard Digital Surface Servo

The S6170 is a good solid standard digital servo that is lightweight and offers good performance in most 1/10 2WD applications.

Body Post Set: V100

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Body Set, Black: V100

Steering Servo Saver Set & Servo Mounts: V100

Steering Bellcrank Set: V100

Chassis Set: V100

Battery Strap & Mounts: V100

Bumper Set Front: V100

Antenna Mount Set: V100

Gearbox Upper Lower Set: V100

Axle Shaft Set FR/RR (2): V100

Diff Ring/Pinion 32T/12T FR/RR: V100

Bevel Gear Shaft FR/RR & Pins: V100

Diff Outdrive Cup Set FR/RR: V100

Diff Housing and Spacers: V100

Complete Differential Set FR/RR: V100

Gear Cover Motor Plate Heat Shield Set: V100

Wheel Hex Brake Rotor & Caliper FR/RR Set: V100

Shock Spring Medium Silver (2): V100

Suspension Pivot Balls & Washer Set: V100

Suspension Arm Set FR/RR Upper & Lower: V100

Front Upright Set LH/RH: V100

Rear Upright Set LH/RH: V100

Upper Suspension Arm Mount FR/RR: V100

Shock Tower Set FR/RR: V100

M2 x 10mm Cap Head Screw (10)

M2.5 x 4mm Button Head Screw (10)

M3 x 14mm Button Head Screw (10)

M3 x 25mm Button Head Screw (10)

M3 x 10mm Flat Head Screw (10)

M3 x 14mm Flat Head Screw (10)

M2.8 x 10mm Cap Head Screw Self-Tapping (10)

M3 x 38mm Button Head Inner Hinge Pin Screw: V100

M3 x 28mm Button Head Outer Hinge Pin Screw: V100

M4 x 10mm Cup Point Set Screw

M2.5 Nylock Nut (10)

M4 Nylock Flanged Nut (10)

2.5mm x 4.6mm x .5mm Washer (10)

5mm x 10mm x 4mm Ball Bearing (2)

8mm x 12mm x 3.5mm Ball Bearing (2)

12mm x 18mm x 4mm Ball Bearing (2)

Shock Plastics: Glamis Uno, Fear

Shock Pistons: Glamis Uno, Fear

ShockBottomCap,Plstc:GlamisUno,Fear,Hal,Rap, Ral

Shock, Rod End Tool: Glamis Uno, Fear

Shock Cap(2):GlamisUno,Fear,Hal,Rap,Ral

O-Ring, Shocks (8): Glamis Uno,Fear,Hal,Rap,Ral

O-Ring, Top Cap (4): Glamis Uno, Fear,Hal,Rap, Ral


Screw Pin, Clip Post (10): Glamis Uno

Center Driveshaft Aluminum: V100

Center Diff Joint Set Aluminum (2): V100

Wheel FR 54 x 26mm Deep Mesh, Blk Chrome (2): V100

Wheel RR 54 x 30mm Deep Mesh, Blk Chrome (2): V100

Tire 67 x 26mm V1 Performance S Compound (2): V100

Tire 67 x 30mm V1 Performance S Compound (2): V100

Wheel FR Deep Mesh 54x26mm Chrome & Silver (2)

Wheel RR Deep Mesh 54x30mm Chrome & Silver (2)