Tire Gluing - The Right Way

5/7/2003 by Gary Katzer

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December 2002 - All right; you've picked up a new set of tires and a new set of rims to go with them. Now you need to put the two together. This is an important job—don't worry, though; in four simple steps, your tires will be glued tightly for stay-stuck performance. 

You will need:

• CA glue.
• Scotch-Brite pad.
• Motor spray/denatured alcohol/degreaser.
• Lint-free towels.
• Tire balancer with weights.
• Safety goggles.

Prep the rims and tires
Before you slide those new tires onto the rims, take a few moments to make sure that the glue will stick to the tires and rims properly. With a piece of Scotch-Brite pad, scuff up the rim where the bead of the tire will go. If the rim is chrome plated, you will have to completely remove the chrome plating from the rim where the bead meets it, and this task will take extra time and effort. To remove any remaining dust caused by the Scotch-Brite's scuffing, wipe the bead area of the rim with a rag and some motor spray, denatured alcohol, or a degreaser. Removing the inserts from the tires will make it easier to clean them. Spray cleaner on another rag, and wipe down the inside bead of the tire. The tires are coated with a mold-release agent to free them from the mold after the manufacturing process has been completed, but if the agent isn't removed, it will prevent CA from sticking properly to the tire.

Place the tire on the rim

When the rims and tires have dried, replace the inserts in the tires. If the inserts are the open-cell type, be careful not to bunch them up inside the tires. After the inserts have been installed, pull the tires onto the rims. Work each tire back and forth on the rim until the bead sits on the rim properly. A high spot on the bead will cause a high spot on the outside of the tire, and that will cause unwanted vibration.

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