Catamaran Boats

Catamarans are among the most stable RC boats you can drive. Pro Boat combines that stability with high power to create some of the fastest boats in our lineup!

Catamaran RC Boats

The catamaran hulled-boats are the most stable and fastest in any line-up. Pro Boat has a great range of RC catamarans and they are all influenced by the fastest race boats that compete in the ‘Class One’ category of offshore powerboats. The full-sized catamarans have twin outboard engines boasting more that 1000hp and are able to reach speeds in excess of 160mph. With a little tuning, you would be amazed to know that some Pro Boat RC catamarans have reached speeds in excess of 100mph – and at a fraction of the cost!

The catamaran hull designs are noted for having less volume, lighter displacement and shallower draft – which means less of the boat is in the water compared to monohull boats. Affectionally referred to as ‘Cats,’ these boats have two parallel sponsons of equal size that run along the outer edges of the hull. The two sponsons combined have a smaller hydrodynamic resistance than a monohull and the wider stance on the water can reduce both heeling and wave-induced motion.

When setting up your Pro Boat RC catamaran you will often hear people referring to the boat ‘running too wet’ which basically means it isn’t getting out of the water enough. A catamaran is designed to almost sit on top of the water and if it is unable to lift itself out of the water then it will run slower and handle poorly.

The Pro Boat designers and engineers have been heavily influenced by the full-sized Class One race boats and that has created three very exciting RC catamarans for the main high-speed part of the Pro Boat range. Available in three hull-lengths from 24” to 42” these are also some of the biggest RC boats in the range.

Let’s start with the biggest, and that is the ample Blackjack 42” 8S brushless RC catamaran. This is large scale RC racing at its most fun! The Spektrum Marine 4685 4-Pole, water-cooled motor produces over 5hp and will ensure this big boat can reach speeds of over 55mph! Smart technology throughout, this boat looks a little intimidating at first but within minutes you’ll feel right at home and find yourself pushing harder and harder to get those truly exciting speeds. It has an impact-resistant polycarbonate hull with a clean moulded composite interior. This RC boat is simple to work on and a joy to use.

The Blackjack 42” has a little brother, and that’s the Blackjack 24”. This 24” brushless RC catamaran can run on 2S or 3S LiPo batteries, can hit 30mph and is a great introduction into the world of catamaran RC boats. The distinctive red trim has great visibility on the water and looks very stylish too. This Blackjack is certainly not a gamble – always bet on red.

Between the two Blackjack cats, we have the Veles. This 29” RC catamaran is a pocket rocket. The 2000KV motor can propel this boat to 50mph+ on 6S power. It has a hand-laid fibreglass composite hull that has a very dynamic design with sharp lines and aggressive angles. The Veles 29” RC catamaran is fast and fun, whether you’re a beginner or intermediate RC boater.