Scale Boats

Fulfill your fantasy of driving the 1:1 boat of your dreams! Check out all the scale appearing RC boats from Pro Boat and cruise the local pond or lake with your favorite.

Scale RC Boats

Captain the ship of your dreams. Pro Boat scale RC boats combine the stunning beauty of a realistic model with the full function and hands-on experience that you can only get from radio control. With years of experience as a premier builder of RC boats, Pro Boat offers unmatched scale replicas that perform as good as they look. Whether it’s a full-size commercial vessel or a historic military watercraft, you can count on Pro Boat accurately capturing every detail for your enjoyment. Pro Boat remote controlled scale boats are suitable for display on their included stands and will also unquestionably grab attention on the water.

Pro Boat scale RC boats feature sturdy hulls crafted of materials such as fiberglass or molded impact resistant composites. This level of durability allows these boats to be run at a variety of waterbodies. The drivetrains are built to last and use aluminum and stainless steel. Finely molded composite material pieces capture impressive levels of detail.

Pro Boat’s Horizon Harbor Tug Boat features a massive 700 size motor designed to deliver the power and performance you’d expect from a tug boat. The torque of the motor is matched with a reliable 40 amp ESC for state-of-the-art control. Committed to quality, Pro Boat uses long lasting, bright LEDs, metal gear servos, and high tech 2.4GHz radio systems. You will be in full control of an RC boat you know will last.

Pro Boat engineers and product developers do hours of research and study every aspect of the full-size boats they’re modeling so you can enjoy an RC boat loaded with accurate details. Pro Boat takes great pride in offering a boat that will never stop impressing you whether it’s on display on a shelf or gracefully navigating the water at your favorite radio control boating spot.

Pro Boat goes the extra mile with its replicas and offers features that can’t be matched. The Horizon Harbor Tug Boat, for example, features fully functional, remotely operated twin water cannons that work with an easy to install optional water pump. Pro Boat designed the Horizon Harbor Tug Boat to be stout enough to do real work. Attach removable retrieval arms and this mighty replica tug can do the real thing and retrieve other RC boats. Up to a 48-inch radio controlled boat can be returned to shore with the Horizon Harbor Tug Boat.

Scale model enthusiasts have a high demand for authenticity and details and Pro Boat is committed to deliver and meet those high expectations. Paints and trim packages are carefully chosen and applied for the best in realistic finishes. Scale details can be found on every inch. Whether it’s winches or tires, the decks, bridges, and hulls of Pro Boat scale RC boats are loaded with details that make Pro Boat stand out. Ladders, railings, lights, and flags all add to the realism and beauty.

Pro Boat scale RC boats allow you to not only admire a beautiful model but cruise your local pond or lake with an amazing replica of one your favorite boats.