Mini Boats

Mini Boats

Send spray flying in pools and small ponds with Pro Boat mini RC boats. Jet pump propulsion eliminates propellers, making them fast, safe, and great for young users.

Mini RC Boats

If you don’t have access to a large pond or lake, you can still enjoy radio control boating action with Pro Boat mini size RC boats. The versatile models in this category measure as little as a foot long, but they still deliver plenty of speed and excitement to interest remote control boat enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

You can take your Pro Boat mini RC boat almost anywhere. These models are perfectly suited not only for running at your local pond but also for racing in your backyard pool. You don’t even need deep water to launch your mini radio control boat. Pro Boat mini RC models perform well in water that’s as little as three inches deep, carving turns and sending spray flying much like our larger boats.

Another advantage to choosing a Pro Boat mini RC boat, such as our popular Jet Jam V2, is the ingenious propulsion system. Unlike larger boat models, these remote control boats don’t use an exposed propeller for power. Instead, they feature a special jet pump propulsion system. As a result, there’s no risk that a spinning prop blade could potentially damage the sides of your pool. In fact, the Jet Jam even has a rubber bumper to protect your pool and to prevent broken hulls.

Even more importantly, with the jet pump power, Pro Boat mini RC boats are even safe for youngsters to operate. That makes these mini boat models a great way to introduce your children to the pleasures of the RC boating hobby.

Young RC boaters will also love the game-like features built into some of our mini radio control boats. For example, the Jet Jam V2 includes a removable cup at the front of the hull that offers lots of play potential. Just use your imagination! Add any type of floating ball, such as a ping pong ball, and play RC boat soccer in the pool with your friends.

Everything about Pro Boat mini RC boats is designed for fun. The self-righting feature included with our mini boats means that even if one goes upside-down when making a turn, you won’t need to swim out to retrieve it. The boat will right itself automatically, and you can continue racing with barely a break in the action.

The ready-to-run construction of Pro Boat mini RC boats means they can be launched into the water almost as soon as you open the box. You don’t need to find and buy additional equipment, because everything is already included in the package. The sporty, colorful boat trim schemes also arrive ready to enjoy. Rain or shine, in bodies of water large or small, you’ll have a blast with versatile Pro Boat mini remote control boats.