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Mini Hull Size

If you want an RC boat you can use almost anywhere, mini is the right choice for you. Whether it’s a small pond, pool, or a big lake, Pro Boat mini RC boats are small and maneuverable enough to navigate tight spaces and stout enough to conquer bigger waters. Usually under 20 inches in length, mini hull size remote control boats are the smallest in the Pro Boat fleet.

If you’re new to the RC hobby in general or just new to radio control boats, minis are a great place to start. A craft like the Pro Boat React 17” Self-Righting Brushed is not only affordable but it makes getting started in RC boats as easy as possible. As the name states, the React self rights. There is no need to worry about a wipeout or flip ruining your day. Making the adventure even easier, the React includes everything needed right down to a battery and charger.

Mini hull size doesn’t mean ordinary. The Pro Boat Jet Jam is also self righting and it uses a jet pump with no exposed propeller for propulsion.

Mini hull size Pro Boat RC boats offer convenience in their compact design. These smaller, budget-friendly boats are easy to transport and store. In the car or at home, they take up little space but deliver large amounts of fun and excitement.

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Standard Hull Size

Pro Boat standard size hull RC boats are, overall, the most popular of the remote control boat sizes. Able to run on a variety of different size bodies of water, standard size hull RC boats split the difference between the beginner-friendly mini hull size boats and the more imposing large hull size boats.

While faster and more complex, Pro Boat standard size hull RC boats are designed to still be beginner appropriate. Ranging in size from approximately 20 inches long to up over 30 inches, standard size hull radio control boats require a pond or lake to run. They are typically not suitable for use in a pool or a small, tight pond.

Standard size hull RC boats from Pro Boat are offered in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Scale boats such as the Pro Boat Horizon Harbor Tug Boat measure in at 30 inches and can cruise in a fairly small area while the 32 inch Pro Boat Impulse needs room to stretch its legs and reach top speed.

As expected, standard size hull RC boats are more of an investment than minis, but affordable options such as the Pro Boat Stealthwake mean standard size hull boats are still available for most budgets.

While still being manageable in size at under 40 inches in length, standard size hull Pro Boat RC boats are still easy to transport and store.

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Large Hull Size

When RC enthusiasts are ready for their hobby to get serious, they go for a Pro Boat large hull size RC boat. These big machines deliver a level of performance that will get your heart racing. Pro Boat large hull size boats are close to the real thing as you can get without getting inside.

Measuring over 40 inches in length and capable of speeds over 55mph, these boats require ample space to run wide open. Large hull size RC boats might not fit in every car and require more space for storage but the performance and exhilarating experience they dish out can’t be matched.

Large hull size boats such as the Pro Boat Blackjack 42 Brushless 8S Catamaran come equipped with state-of-the-art Spektrum electronics for precise, interference-free control.