Pro Boat By Hull Type

Pro Boat designs RC boats in some of the most popular hull styles that are sure to please. Here, you’ll find deep-V hull RC boats, RC catamarans, and RC hydroplanes. We also offer scale replica RC boats with painstaking attention to detail. Different sizes are available in these hull styles, and you can find them all here!

RC Boats By Hull

Pro Boat is known for stunning styles matched with the latest technology in RC boats and we offer that in a variety of hull styles so that there is something for everyone. We offer deep-V hull boats that can cut across choppy water at top speed and some that even self-right if they flip, plus we offer exceptionally stable RC catamarans, RC hydroplanes that can run across just about anything, and scale replica RC boats with unmatched authenticity.

Our deep-V hull RC boats are available in the mini Sprintjet at just 9” long all the way up to the Sonicwake at 36” long. This hull shape is extremely popular and appeals to someone looking for their first RC boat as many have self-righting technology, as well as someone experienced in RC boating thanks to their great speed and ability to carve through the water.

Catamaran hulls are known for their stability and speed. In fact, with a little tuning, some Pro Boat RC catamarans have reached over 100 mph! Many of our RC catamarans are influenced by the ‘Class One’ competitors of offshore powerboats which are known for their great speed. You’ll find our RC catamarans available from 24” to 42” in length and ready to race across the water.

When you really want to go fast, we have another hull style that might be right for you – the RC hydroplane. Hydroplanes skim across the surface of the water at great speeds with a dramatic spray of water that’s sure to delight. Our RC hydroplanes continue the tradition of powerful engines and high-grade materials to withstand great speeds.

If you really want to show your style, a scale replica RC boat is right up your alley. We know scale modelers want authenticity and details and we don’t disappoint. With all of our RC boats, we carefully choose paints, trims, and decals and we go the extra mile when it comes to our scale RC boats. You’ll not only have a beautiful model, but something you know will cruise along on the water and never disappoint.

Check out all of our available RC boat hull styles here. We know we’ve got just the right boat for you.