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Large or small, every Pro Boat radio control boat delivers phenomenal performance with head-snapping style. Pro Boat has compact RC boats ideal for fun runs in your backyard pool, as well as bigger, more powerful boats that are burning to go full-throttle across your local lake or pond. Pro Boat has you covered with the right RC boat for wherever the water is waiting!


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The sculpted hulls of our radio control boats cut smoothly through the water to deliver the ultimate adrenalin rush. Hull types range from scale, to V-hulls, to catamarans, each having its own unique handling characteristics — just like their 1:1 counterparts. Find an RC boat with the perfect style and performance for you among the many choices at Pro Boat.


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Pro Boat is more than a brand of radio control boats. It’s a community of boating enthusiasts like you who share a passion for the boating lifestyle. Smash that “Like” button, subscribe, and follow all of our social media channels to stay up-to-date on everything Pro Boat.

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