Standard Boats

Standard Boats

With a variety of exciting styles and hull shapes available, Pro Boat standard size RC boats offer plenty of ways to get your pulse racing at your local pond or small lake.

Standard RC Boats

The standard size for most radio control boats is in the neighborhood of two feet in length. Pro Boat has a large variety of RC boats for you to choose from in the standard category, including the most popular boat styles and hull types.

There are many advantages to choosing a standard size when shopping for RC boats. For example, it’s easy to find a spot somewhere for storing your standard size boats in the off-season. They’re also easy to fit in any size vehicle for transport to your favorite lake or pond. Although Pro Boat outfits these boats with plenty of high-grade technology and engineering, the standard size also remains affordably priced. And standard size remote control boats cut an incredibly impressive figure in the water, always taking center stage with their sleek looks and pulse-pounding performance.

Standard size RC boats with deep-V (wedge shaped) hulls such as the Pro Boat Stealthwake are without question some of the most popular boat models anywhere on the water. While perhaps a bit less stable than some other standard size RC boats, the streamlined hulls of our deep-V models cut easily and cleanly through chop and rough current to deliver a smooth ride. You simply can’t beat a Pro Boat standard size deep-V RC boat for jaw-dropping speed and razor-sharp style.

If you prefer a catamaran hull, Pro Boat offers standard size RC boats in this style as well. Pro Boat RC catamarans such as the Blackjack provide the high speeds that most remote control boat modelers crave, but they add an extra measure of stability as well. You can race full-throttle, sending spray flying through the turns, and still stay comfortably glued to the water.

Looking for something a little bit different? The standard size category of Pro Boat models also includes unique scale RC boats like the Aerotrooper air boat. This radio control boat will actually run nearly anywhere, including over land. Take it on the lake and watch heads turn. Race through swamps, over grass fields, on ice or snow…it’s a one-of-a-kind RC boating adventure that refuses to be limited to the water.

Pro Boat standard size RC boats are available at the ready-to-run (RTR) completion level to get you right into the action with little or no waiting. These remote control boat models come with efficient, waterproof electronics already factory-installed. Their hulls feature whiplash-inducing trim schemes that will have tongues wagging wherever you race. Handy boat stands are also included for convenient maintenance, storage, and display.