Large boats

Large Boats

Find some of the fastest RC boats on the water in the Pro Boat lineup of large size boats. Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping like blasting across the lake at speeds over 70 mph!

Large RC Boats

The large size RC boat category is where you’ll find the biggest, most jaw-dropping, high-speed radio control boats available in the Pro Boat lineup — or anywhere else, for that matter! What do we mean by large? Most of these RC boats are about three feet long, and some are even larger. Now close your eyes and picture a remote control boat with those dimensions blasting across the water at speeds of 55 mph or more, kicking up colossal rooster tails and absolutely dominating anything else on the lake. Whether you’re competing in large-scale racing or just running for fun, Pro Boat large size RC boats are the ultimate in pulse-pounding RC boating adventure!

Pro Boat large remote control boats deliver more than impressive size, performance, and style. These radio control boats score big on value as well. Take the Blackjack 8S, for example, with its three-and-a-half foot long, extremely durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate catamaran hull. Pro Boat matches the Blackjack’s mega size with an efficient, water-cooled brushless motor that’s capable of 5.3 horsepower and 55-plus mph speed. Plus, you get top-of-the-line Spektrum radio equipment with built-in telemetry, and much more. There’s no other RC boat available in this size that delivers so much power and performance, at such an affordable price.

Of course, almost every RC boat enthusiast dreams of sending a super-sized deep-V hull slicing across a lake, carving turns and soaking onlookers in a tidal wall of spray. Large size Pro Boat deep-V speed demons do just that, with spectacular style that’s like nothing else on the water. The incredible Pro Boat Impulse, with a multi-layered composite fiberglass hull, has a dynamic appearance that’s all its own — lean, sharp, and ready to make other boaters’ heads spin. Meanwhile, the fierce and fiery looks of the three-foot-long Sonicwake might also be just a little bit deceptive. Despite its 50-plus mph speed potential, the special self-righting capabilities of this large RC deep-V help make it suitable for beginners and avid model boaters alike.

The large Pro Boat RC boats you see on this page are among the fastest, most innovative, and most technically advanced marine models on the market today. They’ll amp up your excitement to eleven at your local lake, and do it without breaking the bank. All Pro Boat ready-to-run (RTR) large radio control boats arrive stunningly factory-finished and already equipped with the industry’s finest, state-of-the-art on-board electronics. In most cases, all that you’ll need to add is your favorite battery and charger before launching into big-time RC boating action!