V-Hull Boats

Their smooth ride ranks V-hulls among the most popular RC boats on the water. Pro Boat offers many striking styles that feature this favorite hull design. Check them out here!

V-Hull RC Boats

This category of RC boat boasts the largest range of Pro Boat products, and with good reason. The ‘deep-vee’ or V-Hull boats refer to the deadrise angle that forms between the boat bottom and a horizontal plane on either side of the keel, measured at the transom. This angle is usually between 16 and 24 degrees and that angle on both sides of the boat makes the hull a V-bottom design.

Back in the 1950’s tests on a ‘deep-vee’ hull design showed that this would reduce the size of the bow wave thus making the ride much smoother. These early experiments with pointed boat bottoms resulted in boats that could also list or tip to one side. By the 60’s, marine horsepower was on the rise and smaller deep-V boats were able to power onto a plane, lifting the boat partially out of the water, so it practically skimmed across the surface.

That was the beginning of this type of design and it has been developed and honed over the years to what we have today. A modern deep-V will have a bow deadrise, lifting strakes, a reverse chine, and a hull pad. All of these elements help with stability and lift out of the water and this is why the V-hull RC boats by Pro Boat are so popular.

The Pro Boat range starts with the very smallest hull, the little 9” Sprintjet – a self-righting boat ideal for pretty much any situation. Use it in the pool, in a pond, even in a shallow river. The powerful, dynamic jet pump motor and 600mAh LiPo battery will ensure you have a serious amount of fun – if it rolls over, don’t worry, this little boat will self-right itself. That deep-v hull design, even at this size, means it’s really stable.

The largest deep-V RC boat hull that Pro Boat has is the hugely popular Sonicwake 36” V2. At 36” inches in length, this is a big boat with a powerful set-up. A 120A Marine ESC and a punchy 4-pole Spektrum 1900KV water-cooled brushless motor. This boat is capable of speeds more than 50mph and it will break through choppy water with ease. In fact, the Sonicwake appeals to everyone from the beginner to the conditioned RC boater. Also, as a self-righting boat, you have no concerns of having to rescue this boat if – or when – it flips. The confidence this instils will help your skills improve as you push yourself. The V2 design also now has improved dual water cooling, adjustable trim tabs, and larger turn fins, giving the more experienced user plenty of opportunity to tune the way the boat handles.

The latest Pro Boat deep-V remote control boat design is the Recoil 2 self-righting brushless boat. It is 26” in length and comes with absolutely everything you need to drive direct to the lake! Battery, charger, an impressive 100A ESC, and 2300Kv Outrunner Marine Motor with integrated weight. It’s fast, light, strong and can also self-right just like the Sonicwake and Sprintjet. Available in two different livery designs – Shreddy and Heatwave – this is the perfect beginner RC boat. Experienced RC boaters are also picking these up too because you can use them no matter what conditions you have on the lake!

There are three other boats in the Pro Boat range that also boast deep-V designs. The Stealthwake 23” is a brushed motor boat that is popular thanks to its fabulous handling and striking hull design. The Impulse 32” is a multi-layered fibreglass hulled deep-V RC boat that is perfect for the more experienced boater. So much tunability from this great design and two very striking livery designs in black/green or white/red. With Smart technology, water-cooled 2000Kv motor, and 160A ESC, this boat is capable of speeds more than 55mph. Our final Pro Boat deep-V is the 17” React. This is a fun boat with a brushed motor that can also self-right. Capable of almost 20mph, this is a great boat to use in any conditions.

Whether you’re after a 9” Sprintjet, a 36” Sonicwake, or a 26” Recoil 2, they all have one thing in common – a deep-V hull design that will look after you in all water conditions and ensure you have great fun carving through the water!