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Check out these action-packed Pro Boat product videos to see how your dream RC boat looks and performs out on the water!

Pro Boat 1/6 Scale 24" Jetstream Jet Boat RTR

As an RC jet boat with no propeller or rudder, the Pro Boat Jetstream can run where no prop-driven RC boat can. Its equally at home on a small pond or on a big lake launching off of 1:1 boat wakes. Kids will have a blast bashing their Jetstream, and experienced RC boaters will want to push it to the limits pulling tricks off of waves and other crazy maneuvers. For dependable control, the RTR package comes with a high-quality Spektrum SLT3 radio and electronics. Upgrades are available for adding even more durability and enjoying full Smart telemetry.

Pro Boat Jet Jam 12" Pool Racer RTR

The self-righting Pro Boat Jet Jam is one of the coolest boats on the market. It's perfect for a day at the lake or an afternoon at the pool. Whether the sun is shining or rain is pouring, you can run the Jet Jam in shallow water (as little as three inches!) or in deeper areas. Everything about this boat is designed for fun. And with a jet pump and no exposed propeller, the Jet Jam offers a safe experience for everyone. It even has a rubber bumper to prevent broken hulls or damage to the side of your pool. We also added a removable cup in the front so you can play pool soccer against your friends! Just add a ping pong ball or any other floating ball.

Pro Boat Sprintjet 9" Self-Righting Deep-V Jet Boat Brushed RTR

The Sprintjet 9-inch Self-Righting Jet boat Deep-V is summertime excitement in a size you can take anywhere. The powerful motor, dynamic jet pump, and 600Mah LiPo battery with 9-12 minutes of runtime provide all you need to slice through the surface of your backyard pool or nearby lake. Plus, the 2.4GHz radio system offers an interference-free, proven connection and the self-righting hull adds security and builds confidence. This jet boat has all the performance you're looking for in an attractive package. Just charge the battery and attack the water. It's summer fun in the palm of your hand.

Pro Boat Miss GEICO 17" Power Boat Racer Self-Righting Deep-V RTR

Push the limits of brushless boating with the revolutionary Pro Boat® Power Boat Racer Deep-V, a 17-inch Self-Righting boat with Smart Technology. Featuring two exciting trim schemes - Lucas Oil and Miss GEICO, adding to the realism - plus cutting-edge technology, this boat has it all! The perfect Deep-V for anyone from the beginner to the avid boater, it offers performance capable of hitting 30+ MPH and a worry-free self-righting feature that flips the boat back upright in a matter of seconds. It comes with a Spektrum™ S120 USB-C Smart Charger and 1300mAh 3S 11.1V Smart LiPo Battery 30C with IC3 connector allowing you to take complete control of charging and maintaining battery life. No matter your skill level, the Power Boat Racer features everything experts and beginners alike want in a Deep-V.

Pro Boat React 17 Self-Righting Deep-V Brushed RTR

Take to the water with the compact and convenient Pro Boat® React™ 17 Deep-V, a dynamic self-righting 17-inch Deep-V that will never leave you “up a creek without a paddle”. This intuitive RTR comes out of the box equipped with impressive features that give you the edge over the competition. Thanks to a potent 390 size brushed motor under its canopy, the React 17 makes it easy to overpower your competition with speeds in excess of 19+ MPH. In the event you push the boat past its limit and go belly up, getting the React 17 back to a race-ready position is as simple as “rocking the boat” by hammering the throttle backward and forward.

Pro Boat Recoil 2 26" Self-Righting V Hull

The Pro Boat® Recoil 2 26-inch BL Ready-to-Run Deep-V picks up where the original Recoil left off and brings tremendous excitement with new aggressive styling, a more advanced self-righting feature, and better performance. The Spektrum™ 2300Kv Brushless Outrunner Marine Motor coupled with the high-powered 100 Amp Spektrum Brushless ESC can produce 35+ MPH of wake-inducing excitement. Plus, the Recoil 2 motor features an integrated weight on the outrunner that eliminates the need for the weighted coupler, which was the key to self-righting. With just a single press, your boat will flip upright after a wipeout. This new hull design is unique to the Recoil 2. Nobody else has it! Everything you need you need is included in the box. Four-channel, 2.4ghz transmitter and receiver, ESC, Servo, Spektrum Smart Battery and Charger, Boat Stand, and even the AA batteries. The Spektrum Smart 3S 3200mah battery and Spektrum S120 USB Smart Charger are a perfect start to get into the hobby. This Smart charger utilizes any USB port for charging, giving you a versatile charging solution no matter if you are a new or seasoned boater. The Recoil 2 also features a high-impact ABS molded hull and canopy with aluminum thumb screw canopy locks, a durable modular interior, and an aluminum offset rudder and propeller strut. With the latest technological advances and worry-free self-righting, the lake is yours with the Pro Boat Recoil 2 26-inch BL Ready-to-Run Deep-V.

Pro Boat Recoil 2: First drive with Shreddy and the Isenhouers Brothers

What do you get when you take Blake “Shreddy” Wilkey, the Isenhouer brothers, owners of the Heatwave Off Road racing truck and put them on a boat…with the brand new Pro Boat Recoil 2? Chaos at its finest! Join us as we spend the day with these crazy guys as they let the Recoil 2 do what it does best, get rad and come “self-righting” back for more

Pro Boat Stealthwake™ RTR 23-inch Brushed Deep-V

The razor-sharp Stealthwake™ 23-inch Deep-V comes ready to blend in and turn heads at a moment’s notice. The perfect addition to any arsenal, the Stealthwake™ 23 Deep-V is ideal when the mission calls for speed, precision, and style. Armed with an under-the-radar black matte finish and lethally efficient 550-size motor, the Stealthwake 23 Deep-V comes equipped to covertly take out your competition with speed and style they’ll never see coming. No matter what the assignment calls for, the Stealthwake 23 Deep-V has you covered with an unbeatable RTR setup sure to leave the competition stupefied.

Blackjack 24-inch Brushless RTR Catamaran by Pro Boat

Want to experience all catamaran boating can offer at full-throttle? Then look no further than the Blackjack™ 24. From its deceiving size down to its distinctive trim scheme, the Blackjack 24 comes ready to be your ace in the hole and to deliver the RC boating action you crave. Equipped with a formidable 2000Kv water-cooled motor and action ready Li-Po compatible 30-amp ESC, this 24-inch catamaran is sure to turn heads with the kind of power and speed that no one will see coming. So go all in, raise the stakes and claim your bounty with the Blackjack 24 catamaran.

PRB08029 Veles 29 Catamaran Brushless RC Boat

Pro Boat® Aerotrooper™ 25-inch Brushless Air Boat: RTR

Run the Pro Boat® Aerotrooper™ 25-inch Brushless Air Boat practically anywhere. Even on land! Featuring a 2080kv 480 Brushless outrunner motor with 3-blade airplane-style prop mounted above the hull, you can explore large bodies of water, plant-infested swamps, small grass fields, and even snow and ice. Keeping with the theme, a tactical/military hull scheme with removable guns, molded handrails, and cage add to the scale realism. Plus, the scale cockpit with seat and steering fits most action figures. Injection molded two-piece composite canopies are durable with a secure restraint system keeping all electronics safe during use. LED lights mean the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Explore new terrain with a one-of-a-kind boating experience.

- Injection molded two-piece composite hull
- Injection molded composite canopies
- 2080kv 480 Brushless outrunner motor
- Dynamite 90 amp brushless ESC w/ Reverse
- Scale details
- LED Lights
- 1/10 scale metal gear waterproof 9KG servo
- Composite 3-Blade, molded, pusher propeller
- 2.4 Transmitter and waterproof receiver

Pro Boat Horizon Harbor 30" Tug Boat

The Pro Boat Horizon Harbor Tug Boat is a scale-appearing boat allowing you to kick back and be the captain of your own ship or create the ultimate retrieval boat. It’s both a beautiful scale tug boat to cruise around your local pond and a ready-to-go-out-of-the-box retrieval boat for the seasoned racer. Featuring a 700-size motor and a 60-amp ESC capable of handling up to 3s LiPo, this boat can be enjoyed as a scale tug, or you can use the removable arms to turn the tug into a working boat mover and retriever for up to 48-inch racing boats. Additionally, it has plumbing for dual water cannons which will become operational by adding a water pump which will be powered by the receiver. LED lights, a metal gear servo, 3 Channel 2.4GHz radio, and receiver round out the package providing nighttime piloting with precise steering and crystal-clear connection between the driver and the boat.

Pro Boat® Impulse 32-inch BL V Hull

The Pro Boat® Impulse 32-inch BL V Hull picks up where the Impulse 31 left off and brings tremendous excitement with new styling unlike any other V hull RC boat on the market. The Spektrum™ 1900Kv water-cooled motor coupled with the high-powered Spektrum Firma™ 160A water-cooled Smart ESC is capable of producing up to 3 horsepower and hitting 55+ MPH! Of course, everything is controlled by the Spektrum Smart System making this speed demon incredibly intelligent. A Spektrum DX3 Transmitter and waterproof SR315 Dual Protocol 3 channel Telemetry Receiver keep everything tightly connected for interference free operation and built-in telemetry. With Smart, users can see battery voltage (tank level), ESC Temps, Amp Draw, and motor RPM. The Impulse 32 also features a multi-layer fiberglass hull and canopy with aluminum thumb screw canopy locks, a durable composite molded interior, and aluminum rudder and stainless-steel propeller. With the latest technological advances and powerful motor, the lake is yours with the Pro Boat Impulse 32-inch V Hull.

Pro Boat Blackjack 42" 8s Catamaran

The Pro Boat Blackjack 42 BL 8s Catamaran is a return to the days of large-scale racing boats taking on all comers with style and speed. The 8S-rated Spektrum 160A High Voltage, water-cooled, Smart electronic speed controller works tirelessly to power the Spektrum Marine 4685 4 Pole, water-cooled motor which is capable of producing up to 5.3 horsepower and hitting 55+ MPH! There is no other boat in this size, with this much power, at such an affordable value. Of course, everything is controlled by the Spektrum Smart System making this speed demon incredibly intelligent.

A Spektrum DX3 Transmitter and waterproof SR6110AT 6CH Telemetry Receiver keep everything tightly connected for interference free operation and built-in telemetry. The Blackjack also features an impact resistant polycarbonate hull, polycarbonate canopy with aluminum thumb screws, a clean molded composite interior, and aluminum rudder and propeller strut. Lay your cards on the table and make the lake your own with the Pro Boat Blackjack 42 Catamaran.

Pro Boat Sonicwake V2 36" Self-Righting Brushless Deep-V RTR

Break through choppy water and go full throttle with the Pro Boat® Sonicwake 36-inch Self-Righting Deep-V. The perfect Deep-V for the beginner to the avid boater, it offers performance capable of hitting 50+ MPH and a worry-free self-righting feature that flips the boat back upright in a matter of seconds. The water-cooled 4-pole 1900Kv brushless motor invites you to go fast while the high torque, metal gear, and waterproof steering servo keeps you in control. It features improved dual water cooling, adjustable trim tabs, and larger turn fins. No matter your skill level, the Sonicwake features everything experts and beginners alike want in a Deep-V.

Pro Boat® Miss GEICO Zelos™ 36" Twin Brushless Catamaran RTR


Speed is the name of the game in the world of high-speed RC catamarans. The Pro Boat® Miss GEICO Zelos® 36 Twin Brushless Catamaran is one of the fastest boats on the market with out-of-the-box speeds hitting 75+MPH**. By the time your competition realizes what hit them, they’ll be in your wake thanks to not one, but two counter-rotating 1900Kv 4-pole 36mm x 74mm motors. From tip to rudder, the Miss GEICO Zelos 36 is built for speed with a hand-laid fiberglass hull built to withstand the pulse-pounding speeds. Get yours and experience the competition crushing speed you crave.

** 75+ mph can only be achieved with 6S to each ESC by using four (4) Dynamite® Reaction® 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 50C LiPo, Hardcase:EC5™ (DYNB3811EC) packs. Refer to the manual for more information.

- New propeller struts
- New propellers
- Heavy duty flex shafts
- Spektrum™ DX2E ACTIVE™ 2-Channel DSMR®
- Water-Cooled 1900Kv 4-pole brushless motor
- MR4000 potted receiver
- Scale design, Aluminum, push pull rudder system with working scale dampers
- Waterproof, High Torque Spektrum™ Servo
- Dual under hull water pick-up lines, for electronics cooling
- Hand-laid fiberglass catamaran hull optimized for speed and performance
- Secure canopy latch system keeps electronics safe
- Designed to be competition ready out of the box
- Waterproof electronics
- Water-cooled Dynamite® 120 Amp marine ESC with 6S battery compatibility
- Licensed and authentic Miss Geico trim scheme

Horizon Insider Tech Talk: How To Wire Your Pro Boat Miss GEICO Zelos 36"

Horizon Insider Tech Talk: How To Wire Your Pro Boat Miss GEICO Zelos 36"

Need help figuring out the wiring on your new Pro Boat Miss GEICO Zelos 36" Twin Brushless Catamaran? In this edition of Horizon Insider, we examine the latest addition to the Pro Boat line-up and focus in on the wiring. More specifically, we show you how to run twin 3s packs vs twin 6s packs as there are several different ways to achieve the correct (or incorrect) cell count!

Oh, and this video also applies to the original Zelos 36" Twin Brushless Catamaran RTR!

Pro Boat UL-19 30" Brushless Hydroplane RTR

You asked for it and now it's here, the ready-to-run Pro Boat® UL-19 30-inch Brushless Hydroplane. Its design is ultra sleek, with no turbine housing or rear spoiler. You can cruise up to speeds of 50+ mph on 6S power thanks to the 6-pole water-cooled motor and 120A ESC. A waterproof Spektrum™ 3kg servo lets you take corners at full speed without fear! On top of that, the UL-19, which is built to NAMBA race specifications, comes equipped with all the aluminum running gear you need and a stainless steel turn fin. This is adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding action you won't soon forget!

Fiberglass hull with matching canopy and removable vertical fins
Powerful waterproof electronics
Dynamite® 2000Kv brushless motor
Spektrum™SLT3 2.4GHz rransmitter
Stainless steel two-blade propeller
Interference-free connection
Aluminum adjustable propeller strut
Aluminum break-away rudder
Stainless steel turn fin

Lightweight, Durable Fiberglass Hull With Matching Canopy And Removable Vertical Fins
Because the hull is lightweight and durable, you can push this hydroplane to max speeds in race condition waters. The canopy, like the hull, is constructed of hand-laid fiberglass. The vertical fins are removable and replaceable. In case of a bad crash, they will simply break away without damaging the hull.

Stainless Steel Two-blade Propeller
Stainless Steel Two-blade Propeller
An aggressive boat like the UL-19 deserves an equally aggressive two-blade propeller. The UL-19's propeller lets you take full advantage of the hull's performance. It features a high-pitch, high rake stainless steel propeller that produces a tight thrust cone that results in better propulsion and higher speeds that won't overload the electronics. You'll be able to reach speeds on 4S that could only be reached on 6S by other boats.

Interference-free Connection
Spektrum™ SLT3 2.4GHz Radio
The 3-channel SLT3 transmitter offers all you need for dependable, confident control. User-adjustable features include steering and throttle trims, steering rate, and throttle limits. The control layout is amazingly intuitive - all controls are perfectly positioned to be quickly accessible when needed and out of the way when not in use. The SLT3 transmitter's overall low weight lets you drive all day without fatigue. Its steering wheel is foam-covered for a no-slip grip. There's also a handy mount for attaching a lanyard, so you can focus on driving without worrying about dropping and damaging your radio.

Extreme Power From Waterproof Electronics
Extreme Power From Waterproof Electronics
The UL-19 uses a Dynamite® water-cooled 120A, 2-6S ESC that can handle more amperage than needed to run the boat with authority and speed. The new 2000Kv 6-pole motor features a large rotor that greatly increases motor torque.

Aluminum Adjustable Propeller Strut
Aluminum Adjustable Propeller Strut
Use the aluminum adjustable propeller strut to tune the boat to various water conditions, from glass smooth to windy and choppy. The square-bottom propeller strut allows more precise adjustments by acting similar to a trim tab usually found on Deep-V boats.

Aluminum Break-away Rudder
Aluminum Break-away Rudder
The aluminum rudder features a break-away design that will safeguard the transom if the hydroplane hits an immovable object on the water or runs ashore.

Stainless Steel Turn Fin
Stainless Steel Turn Fin
The stainless steel turn fin will keep the boat glued to the water whether you're going straight or full throttle through a turn.

Slow Motion Videos

Admire every moment in super-slow motion as your favorite Pro Boat model dances over the water, carving the turns and laying down a massive rooster tail.

Pro Boat Recoil 2 Slow-Motion Action!

It's time to get Shreddy with the Pro Boat Recoil 2!

Pro Boat Sonicwake V2 Slow-Motion Action!

One of the quickest and easiest boats to drive, the Pro Boat Sonicwake V2 makes your time at the lake even more enjoyable with it's super smooth self-righting ability.

Pro Boat Impulse 32 Slow-Motion Action!

Check out one of the fastest, on the edge boats in the entire Pro Boat line up, the Impulse 32 Deep V!

Pro Boat Blackjack 42 Slow-Motion Action!

Bigger is always badder! Check out the Pro Boat Blackjack 42 hitting the waves in super slow-motion.

Pro Boat UL 19 Super Slow-Motion

Nothing on the planet beats race boats in slow motion...check out the Pro Boat UL 19 dancing across the water!

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