Pro Boat By Size

Pro Boat RC boats come in three sizes: mini, standard, and large. Mini RC boats are great for pools whereas large RC boats can be about three feet long and need some space to operate. Standard RC boats are roughly two feet in length and great in a variety of water bodies. Here you’ll find all three of our size options available.

RC Boats By Size

Pro Boat offers a variety of RC boat hull styles in three different sizes: mini, standard, and large. These three sizes each offer different kinds of fun best enjoyed in different bodies of water due to their handling capabilities, length, and speed. While a mini RC boat can go just about anywhere, even a backyard pool, a large RC boat needs some room to reach its top speed, maneuver, and perform.

Our mini RC boats offer plenty of speed and excitement in a boat small enough to operate just about anywhere. Most mini RC boats are only about a foot long, but there’s no shortage on the fun they offer. Mini Pro Boat RC boats have self-righting capabilities to keep the fun going and some even include game-like features like a removeable cup at the front of the hull to capture and maneuver something small like a ping pong ball. Mini RC boats are a great way to introduce children to the fun of remote control boats as they come in Ready-to-Run (RTR) models with everything included.

Standard RC boats have something for everyone as they offer the widest variety of styles and features. We consider an RC boat to be a standard size when it’s roughly two feet in length, which makes them small enough to transport easily to your local pond or lake and large enough to still get up to some great speeds. Be sure to check out the entire Pro Boat lineup of standard RC boats including deep-V hulls, catamarans, and even an air boat!

Last, but not least, are our large RC boats. These RC boats know how to steal the limelight at an impressive size - around three feet long. These jaw-dropping RC boats can reach some of the top speeds available from Pro Boat at 55 mph or more. Our large RC boats are some of the fastest, most innovative, and most technically advanced RC boats available anywhere, and they’re all right here.

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