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  Product ID Product Description  Manuals or Addendums
PRB0300 Miss GEICO 17 2.4 Catamaran RTR
PRB0400 Impulse 17 2.4 Deep-V RTR
PRB0200 .18 Water-Cooled, with PS Marine Engine
PRB0500 Miss GEICO 24 RTR
PRB0600 ShockWave 26 V3 RTR
PRB0650 ShockWave 26 V3 BL RTR
PRB07000 Ragazza 1 Meter Sailboat RTR
PRB07002 Westward 18-inch Sailboat V2:RTR
PRB07003 Ragazza 1 Meter Sailboat V2: RTR
PRB08000 Impulse 9
PRB08001 Blackjack 9
PRB08007 Blackjack 24-inch Catamaran Brushless: RTR
PRB08008 Impulse 31-inch Deep-V V3 Brushless: RTR
PRB08009 Miss Geico 29-inch Catamaran V3 Brushless: RTR
PRB08011 Blackjack 29-inch Catamaran Brushless V3: RTR
PRB08014 Shockwave 26-inch BL Deep-V RTR
PRB08015 Stealthwake 23-inch Deep-V Brushed: RTR
PRB08016 Recoil 17-inch Self-Righting Deep V Brushless: RTR
PRB08017 Zelos 48-inch Catamaran BL: RTR
PRB08018 Voracity Type E 36-inch Deep-V Brushless: RTR
PRB08019 Miss Geico 17-inch Catamaran Brushed: RTR
PRB08020 Impulse 17-inch Deep-V Brushed: RTR
PRB08021 Zelos 36 Twin Catamaran BL RTR
PRB08022 Recoil 26-inch Self-Righting Deep-V BL:RTR
PRB08023 React 9 Self-Righting Deep-V Brushed:RTR
PRB08024 React 17-inch Self-Righting Deep-V Brushed:RTR
PRB08025 23" River Jet Boat: RTR
PRB08027 21-inch Alpha Patrol Boat
PRB08028 UL-19 30-inch Hydroplane:RTR
PRB08029 Veles 29-inch Catamaran Brushless: RTR
PRB08031T1 Jet Jam 12-inch Pool Racer, Orange: RTR
PRB08031T2 Jet Jam 12-inch Pool Racer, White: RTR
PRB09003 Rockstar 48-inch Catamaran Gas Powered: RTR
PRB09004 48" Zelos G Catamaran: RTR
PRB2000 ShockWave 55" RTR w/ZENE26M &XR3i
PRB2050 ShockWave 36 RTR
PRB2050T ShockWave 36 RTR w/T-Drive
PRB2100 SunDancer RTR w/Python & ESC 27MHz
PRB2114 Waterproof ESC Fwd Only:4.8-9.6V
PRB2150 ShockWave 26 EP RTR w/Python
PRB2170 Sunrise 24 RTR Sailboat
PRB2200 Miss Budweiser RTR 1/12 Unlimited Hydro
PRB2250 Miss Budweiser RTR 1/8 Unlimited Hydro
PRB2300 Riptide Watercraft EP, RTR
PRB2314 Waterproof ESC with Reverse: 4.8-12V
PRB2350 HyperSport 48 Deep-V Gas RTR 2.4
PRB2350S HyperSport 48 Deep-V Gas RTR 2.4GHz
PRB2400 Sanibel 36-600 RTR Sailboat
PRB2450 Endeavor Sailboat EP RTR
PRB2450S Endeavor Sailboat EP 2.4GHz RTR
PRB2500T 1/12 Miss Llumar .15 RTR w/T-Drive
PRB2550 Miss LLumar 1/8 Hydro RTR
PRB2600 Classic Runabout EP RTR
PRB2650 ShockWave 55 Super Sport RTR
PRB2651 Water Pump and Bracket
PRB2700 Vortex .46 Airboat RTR
PRB2750 ThunderCat 31 RTR with .32 Marine Engine & Radio
PRB2800 Blackjack 26 Nitro Catamaran RTR
PRB2800S Blackjack 26 SS Nitro 2.4GHz RTR
PRB2800T Blackjack 26 SS Nitro Catamaran RTR
PRB2850 Blackjack 55 Catamaran RTR with G26
PRB2850BD Blackjack 55 Catamaran BND with G26
PRB2900T 1/12 Miss Elam RTR Hydro
PRB2950 Miss Elam 1/8 Hydro RTR
PRB3000 ***REORD PRB3000T Mini-V EP RTR: White
PRB3001 ***REORD PRB3001T Mini-V EP RTR: Red
PRB3002 ***REORD PRB3000T Mini-V EP RTR: Yellow
PRB3050 Volere 22 EP RTR
PRB3050B Volere 22 EP RTR V2
PRB3050S Volere 22 EP 2.4GHz RTR
PRB3100 ShockWave 26 RS EP RTR
PRB3100S ShockWave 26 RS EP 2.4 RTR
PRB3150 ShockWave 26 Brushless 2.4 RTR
PRB3200 1/12 Formula RTR Hydro
PRB3250 Formula 1/8 Hydro RTR
PRB3250BD Formula 1/8 Hydro BND
PRB3300 Blackjack 26 Brushless Catamaran RTR
PRB3300S Blackjack 26 SS BL Catamaran 2.4 RTR
PRB3309 45-Amp Brushless ESC
PRB3311 BL ESC Programming Module
PRB3350 Westward 18 Sailboat RTR
PRB3375 Arleigh Burke Destroyer EP PNP
PRB3400 Apache Catamaran EP RTR
PRB3400S Apache Catamaran 2.4 EP RTR
PRB3450 Serenity 1-Meter Sailboat RTR
PRB3500 Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat 30" EP RTR
PRB3504 Light System: CG
PRB3550 Miss Elam 1/12 Brushless Hydro
PRB3550S Miss Elam 1/12 Hydro 2.4 BL RTR
PRB3600 PT-109 40" EP RTR
PRB3650 Retrieval Decoy 2.4 RTR
PRB3650B Retrieval Decoy 2.4 RTR V2
PRB3700 Mini-C Catamaran EP RTR White
PRB3701 Mini-C Catamaran EP RTR Red
PRB3702 Mini-C Catamaran EP RTR Yellow
PRB3750 Formula FASTech Brushless Deep-V RTR
PRB3750S Formula FASTech BL Deep-V 2.4 RTR
PRB3800 Formula FASTech .15 Deep-V RTR
PRB3900 WidowMaker 22 Deep-V BL RTR
PRB3900S WidowMaker 22 Deep-V 2.4 BL RTR
PRB4000BD Stiletto 29 Brushless Tunnel BND
PRB4000BDC Pro Boat Stiletto and Spektrum DX3E Combo
PRB4075 Mystic 29 Catamaran BL PNP
PRB4075S Mystic 29 Catamaran BL RTR
PRB4100 Miss Geico 29 BL Catamaran 2.4 RTR
PRB4100B Miss GEICO 29 BL Cat 2.4 RTR V2
PRB4150 Blackjack 29 BL RTR
PRB4200 Impulse 26 Deep-V EP RTR
PRB4250 Impulse 31 Deep-V BL RTR
PRB4250B Impulse 31 Deep-V BL RTR V2
PRB8021 Pro Boat 27MHz AM 2-Stick Radio, 1 Servo
PRB8040 27MHz AM Pistol Grip Radio, 1 Servo
PRB8060 Pistol-Grip Transmitter Only 2.4
PRB8100 Marine Starting System: DYN .12-.18
PRB8105 Marine Starting System: .32