Hydroplane Boats

Inspired by fire-breathing, jet engine based 1:1 racing boats, Pro Boat hydroplane RC boats grab the spotlight on any lake with their foam-flinging fury.

Hydroplane RC Boats

When you have the need for speed on the water and you ask what radio controlled boat is right for you, the answer will undoubtably be an RC. Frequently propelled by high-power engines originally designed for aviation use, with their sleek hulls and aggressive lines, full-size hydroplanes are the fighter jets of the water. When you want to go fast and cover a lot of water in a hurry, a thrilling RC hydroplane from Pro Boat is the best way to go.

Unlike deep-V boats that plow through the water, hydroplanes skim across the top of the water at blazing speeds with the majority of the hull completely out of the water. Small portions of the hull barely make contact as the hydroplane races across the surface with a dramatic spray of water blasting off as its trail. With over a hundred years on the water, hydroplanes have been the kings of boat racing for decades. Hydroplanes are designed for nothing other than going faster than the competition.

Pro Boat RC hydroplanes are built just like the full-size counterparts they’re modelled after and often use many of the same materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon fiber, and marine-grade plywood.

Hydroplanes are well known for being massively overpowered so no weak engines can be found in Pro Boat hydroplanes. You can expect state-of-the-art technology such as brushless motors that are water-cooled for maximum performance and longevity.

High levels of speed require reliable control and Pro Boat delivers with 2.4GHz radio systems that mean signal losing inference is no longer a worry. You can pilot your race boat with confidence knowing Pro Boat outfitted your boat with the latest RC technology available.

Pro Boat’s engineers make sure its RC hydroplane boats are easy to work on with quick release hatches and well thought out designs and component layouts.

Because they are as cool looking as they are fast, Pro Boat includes display stands with its hydroplanes. These stands allow you to not only admire your RC boat but make working on the vessel easier and safer. And knowing these RC hydroplanes are true showpieces, Pro Boat takes great effort in ensuring each of its boats have beautiful finishes and trim schemes. Details are included to capture the beauty and look of the real thing. The colors are vibrant and true and the decals are accurate. There is no mistaking a Pro Boat hydroplane.

Built to last, Pro Boat RC hydroplanes feature stainless hardware and fitments. The skid fin functions just like the real boats’ and helps the Pro Boat remote control hydroplane aggressively carve turns and race down straights. Twin sponsons flank a sealed cockpit just like the full-size hydroplanes they replicate. Vertical wings with stabilizers help keep it under control, but no matter what, you are in for a wild and exciting ride when your boat of choice is a Pro Boat RC hydroplane.

If you love speed, you need a Pro Boat hydroplane in your collection, and the only thing more fun than one Pro Boat hydroplane is two racing side by side.